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Alice Porembski
Furniture design/maker
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The range for my furniture design is anchored in fine woodworking. From there the shapes follow the rules of geometry and proportion. My commission design pieces are based on a fusion of client's home environment, specific need and lifestyle. I respond to their personal history with my particular style. A partnership is formed with each piece of  custom furniture.

The beauty and warmth of unique wood choices, combined with my decades of experience as a design/maker, results in a contemporary, one of a kind piece of fine woodworking. 

In my non-commission work, I explore a range of whimsy and traditional skills that offer a new twist on the sensibility of the familiar. 

The process of designing and building  unique furniture is like traveling, evocative of the mysteries beyond the present. It can take you on a venture to an uncertain pathway to find out what can be discovered.


In 2019-2021 I worked with 12 artists to curate an exhibition of new work made around the theme of Benches. The genesis of curating Bench Press - Please Be Seated Please exhibition was my conviction that northern California, and Redding in particular, possesses incredible artistic potential and underrecognized talent. To drive this fact home to local audiences, I brought an idea that began in casual conversation among fellow artists into a manifestation of shared enthusiasm.

A full color printed catalog is available through me. 

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