Current project

This page will be a moveable feast.   My current project is a base cabinet, approximately 5' long,30" tall and16" deep. Made of Eastern rock maple, with highly figured door, drawer, side panels, and top. A magnificent tribute to natures hand in creating figured wood.  It is distinctly tansu inspired.  Photos are pictures taken in the studio environment.    Sliding door panels are bird's eye maple and top is solid boards with a hint of bird's eye wane in the front edge. This cabinet is available for purchase.

Tending to framing my own favorite art is the next current project. 

Pictured here is a spalted maple frame with ebony details, framing one of my favorite prints by artist Sue Tescher.  This small reserve of spalted maple boards made a suitable frame for this sublime print.  At first the blue matt was too bright so I ink grained it to take it down a notch. The result has a 'nuanced' effect.

spalted maple frame.jpg
ink grained blue matt.jpg